The Secret Works. Imagination is real, only if you strongly believe in your thoughts!spriha-logo-1

It was just another day in June 2013, a thought emanated, the thought to coalesce the fetish for watches and gemstones. The realisation that a concept like this was rare found and that it would be a perfect exemplification of a timepiece, marked the onset of this eternal idea.

We began our study on a varied gemstone and piece by piece started picking up on unalike and distinctive ones. Formulating the technical facets of a watch with an ornamental band, ensuring every case & dial to be in unison with the jewel band was taxing! Defining our thoughts to the craftsman was the most demanding of all. But, we believe it was the uninterrupted entrepreneurial energy in the team that put up the sails of SPRIHA onto a smooth journey.

SPRIHA marked its birth on December 7, 2013; presenting its first set of Treasure Trove. Each design draws inspiration from a particular object, element or phenomenon of nature. The first collection allowed the harness to exude the use of semi-precious gemstones, natural stones, kundans, enamel work, wood, crystals, bamboo pieces and everything on deck, on the crust of mother earth. SPRIHA’s supremacy ensures the engineering and aesthetics of every timepiece in the most perfected manner.


Ms. Pinal Jain

Co Founder of SPRIHA Watches

A professional, skilled in the field of Finance, Mutual Funds and Research, Ms. Pinal Jain has successfully co- founded “SPRIHA”-a sole brand known for their unique customized and handcrafted watches.

Ms. Jain completed her education from MET’s AMDC institution, Finance. Prior to SPRIHA she worked with iFAST Financial Services India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai as a Research Analyst and Client Investment Specialist.

Pinal had an inherent flair for Fashion and always wanted to do something in Creative design field. She then came up with SPRIHA, a brand that specializes in creating Bespoke timepieces. Pinal looks into every design detail to create heirloom pieces that their clients would cherish.


Mrs. Shweta Totla

Co Founder of SPRIHA Watches

From number crunching to sketching a thought, Mrs. Shweta Totla has successfully co- founded “SPRIHA”- a sole brand known for their unique customized and handcrafted watches.
She is well qualified and competent in the field of Finance but an innate desire to be an Entrepreneur well explains SPRIHA in her life.

She has completed her education from N.L Dalmia Insititute of Management and worked at Kotak Securities as a Derivative trader in the Propreitory Division for 8 long years.

Passion has always been solidarity inspiration for work and she has been fortunate enough to use both the terms interchangeably. The basics, the hard facts gulping it all down, as an entrepreneur she takes charge in entirety. Meticulous in her endeavors makes her financial responsibility inevitable at work.